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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A year of Faith!

Wow, we are already in the fourth month of a new year, how are we all doing with the resolutions we drafted a few months ago?....Lol..I wasn't expecting a response there though cos I know right now we are even searching for the diaries or jotters where we scribbled them down.

I am happy to be here again, another year!Thank God for his mercies. i remember last year I promised to have a lot of books reviewed on this site but I was unable to follow through at some point. My sincere apologies to everyone and I will try to make it worth your while this year.

Now, I just returned from a seminar this evening and one of the speakers discussed a topic with Gary Chapman's book "the five love languages", how do you think that made me feel? I had a huge smile on my face and an eagerness to recommend this blog site to anyone who wants to take up reading not just as a hobby, but a lifestyle.

This year is a year of faith for me and I should believe it should be for everyone, even if not your theme for the year, at least it should be incorporated in everything you do. But we all know faith without works is nil, so whatever it is that you are believing God for this year, it could be marriage, career growth, whatever, take your own steps to making it a reality asides prayer.

Remember that faith is not prayer, it is believing without seeing 'yet'. Prayer is one key to getting what you desire but there is the work part to it. Now the 'work' aspect to believing could be: self development, attending seminars, studying etc but there has to be the practical side to achieving what you want.

Am not a I think it necessary to share a few tips on what can help us achieve all we want to in this year. In the lyrics of  Donnie McClurkin's ' I can', he mentions that you can do anything 'if you try...just try' . It's to stress what I said earlier that asides prayers, we have our own role to play.

I wish y'll a glorious 2013! See you at the top....

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