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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome on board 2012!!!

Glorious New year guys!!!

I know I should have sent this message on the very first day of the month but the fun thing about a new year is the fact that, every day of the month of January is a new year, till perhaps, February (though we still have some extending to March…lol) so it is still permissible to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A new year gives room for a new phase of life; a new beginning, new goals /plans- in some cases, new relationships and a new career path. Here, everyone starts on a clean slate, mistakes of the previous year are forgiven... Indeed, it’s a brand New Day! I am glad we all made it and sincerely pray our heart desires come to fruition this year.

This blog also has plans for the New Year. But the plans cannot be achieved without you as its lifeblood is dependent on you. It is important to start this year with a little push in all spheres of life; moral, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and the likes.

The best part to it is that there are people who have shared their experiences with us on the impact of this said ‘push’ on their lives. In order for us to be developed in every area of our lives and for our goals to be achieved this year, we have to be in close touch with these drivers and one of the easily accessible means is through BOOKS.

Let’s all start the year then with the appropriate tools for growth. We are here to read and learn from great minds. One of our goals this year is to leave you with at least two book reviews every month to aid your growth. We can help you with the purchase of this books or at least recommend where you can get them- for books that you would like us to review as well, we would be glad to have them.