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Friday, October 7, 2011


Hello everyone,

The ideal thing for everyone who has just created a blogsite is to make a brief introduction of what the blogsite is all about right? I apologise for not doing that and am hoping this is not late afterall. I realised the need for this, when people say "oh, you ve got a blog, that's cool, so what's it about" and I would have to keep explaining before I ask them to go check the site for themselves.

I am truly grateful to everyone. who has taken time out to view what this blog is all about (even those who have not), but let me give a brief overview of what we would be expecting from this blogsite as we go on.

Most people say"people don't like to read anymore". According to them, it's almost as if when one is through with the tertiary institution stage, they bid books farewell. Some other individuals complain about not having the time to do so because of the amount of time they have to put into their career, and everyone deserves a good rest afterwards right? I also realised the fact that most people can take out time to read a good book, that is when they know the book to read that would help address the issues they would want resolved or that would aid their development.

It is in view of these facts that i have mentioned, that I set up this blogsite to enable the readers to see the books that could interest them. I used the word "see", because a book review, is like an eye that let's you know at a glance what the book is all about. In otherwords,the aim of a book review, is not to give just a summary of the book, but to also do a kind of critique that lets you know whether or not the book is worth your time.

I would really appreciate your comments here because it would be an opportunity for growth and improvement for me because I hope to learn a whole lot from what you would say and who knows it could help me as an author someday in the future. I hope we would all have a good time here.

For my last words on this introductory page, I want to commend the efforts of one of my lecturers and a good friend, Dr. Nnamdi Ekeanyanwu, for his contributions, because without putting me through the subject of what a review entails, I would not have been able to do this effectively.

As a great preacher once said "when you stop reading, you start dying". i wish you all a "Happy living"

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  1. There are no better way to start an introduction than the way you did. It was quite educative to me too cos I was almost having a feel that this could be what this is about "to help me see" but at the end it's still called a summary within summary... I don't want to die